Men’s Heaven

To send Melbourne men to heaven the only thing you have to do is sit them in front of a computer screen and type in the search tool online, just be prepared to have a bib ready to catch the drool that will slowly drip down their face as they stare rapt at the screen, oh and hide the credit card because this may be the time where he actually spends more on it than you. This is a man scape made for spending reams of cash on pieces of equipment that have absolutely no meaning to you. I thought I knew what reaming meant but apparently it has something to do with tools and from the look of it has something to do with drills but I could be completely wrong. Some online stores are fairly easy to navigate and seem to be straight forward with listings such as accessories, air tools, hand tools, outdoor tools, power tool and workshop. Which seems to be fairly obvious until you start looking under the headings and realize that there are any number of indecipherable tools on offer and that you have no idea what they could be for unless it some obscure male ritual best left to the shed/man cave. Visit this page for further information regarding dental implants. 

Other tools online have whole reams of listings that mean very little to the unexperienced tool shopper and best left to someone who knows what Broaching means in relation to tools and counter bores, countersink and deburring tools all of which seem to be something that a dentist would use, not some guy in a shed. Probably dentist Townsville named their tools after something they had in the shed so they could feel manly at work and not feel bad about feeling around in someone’s cavities or shining up their teeth. They could go home to the missus and say I was using my rasp today and ended up having to use my countersink to get the job done. The missus would then look duly impressed, all the while thinking, whatever dear. The closest I would wish to get to abrasives and brushware, arbors and adaptors, power and air tools is on this side of a computer screen because I am fairly certain that if I touched them children might accidently die or I would find a way to accidently set fire to the house.

Tools online is definitely for the tool expert or at least with an expert standing at your shoulder so they can eventually take over and shop to their little hearts content, the next thing you have to wait for is the delivery and your other half pacing impatiently for that truck to turn up and I promise, you will be the favorite person in the house for a least a week especially if you leave him alone to unwrap all his treasures in the shed and bring him a beer.