Do You Live Inside A Gym Too?

Well hello there, fitness enthusiasts. Firstly, let me appreciate what you do even with the odds. Being a fitness enthusiast myself, I know what it feels like to go in there are slam some heavy weights after a good workout. Or imagine the feeling you get when you saw the guy behind you benching less than your warm up set. Well, I enjoy these moments as well. And, oh, that feeling when you come out of the gym alive, all sweaty, still on your feet – feeling like you conquered the world. It is really amazing. Going into the gym in the early hours of the day, coming out late, it’s all good. Seeing the progress you made in the mirror, and feeling so *censored* proud is great. Talk about the after burn! Remember how you couldn’t get up from bed in the morning, or how you died a few times in the bathroom? Yeah, me too. However, let me tell you that all after burns are not after burns at all.

Sometimes these aches and pains that we take so lightly signals a greater danger than an ordinary after burn. Watch out for the sign if you are a gym addict and want to continue being one. If the after burn lasts longer than a day, do not blame it on your new fitness schedule. Do not say that because the intensity got a little advanced or because the time you spend at the gym got extended your after burn lasts longer. It could be a muscle or a ligament tear or a dislocation. As much as I understand the passion for hitting the gym, it is also important that you understand the possible dangers that comes included in the package. If your body is red or swollen anywhere, you must seek assistance from the expert as soon as possible. It could be anything – so you must watch out.

As much as we train and put our body through testing over and over again, revival is essential. Your body needs healing if you gym. You do not want to have a nice body with stoned muscles. Instead, you need a healthy body with healthy muscles. Remedial massage in Bankstown or hydro therapy comes in handy when we talk about reviving the body. So if you live inside the gym, make sure you are ready to face the consequences and care for yourself more.

We can ignore something as long as it stays as a trivial matter but if it gets past that stage and become severe, we will only be sorry that we did not attend to it in its budding age. So live inside the gym, have your protein shakes, blast the music in your ears but do not forget to listen to your after burn. Because baby this gym life is all about taking care of your body, not tearing it apart. So you stick to what you do best: take care.