A Few Tips For Managing Car Sickness

If you are someone who suffers from motion sickness, then it is very important for you to be prepared for every journey you take on. It will be most helpful if you plan your journey before actually taking on the road. Here are a few tips which are extremely helpful, if followed accordingly, for people suffering from car sickness. These tips will help you reduce your motion sickness and even control it.

1. Prepare your mind and your body beforehand for a journey. Keep your vomit bags ready and handy in your bag or car for emergency situations.

2. Keep your sick bags for emergencies that is easy to hold bags. But, also prepare to take up preventive measures, like avoiding traffic jams and roads with a lot of twist and turns, in order to prevent stop-start sensations. These will trigger motion sickness.

3. You must not take caffeine or any fizzy drinks, which contain it, 24 hours before the start of the journey. High intakes of caffeine might give you headache.

4. Avoid eating oily, greasy and acidic foods before you take on a journey. You must keep your stomach light, so it is better to eat light and simple food before a trip. Avoid fruit juices which are acidic in nature, salads with vinegar dressings and other foods which fall in the same category. Eat simple foods, such cereals and porridge. Eat food which has ginger, like ginger biscuits, as ginger is very good for preventing motion sickness. Avoid eating chocolates too as it increases motion sickness.

5. Avoid taking any alcoholic drink before or on the journey.

6. Avoid smoking during the trip and also avoid the company of people who smoke as it triggers motion sickness.

7. Try having a good night sleep before the journey as it helps relieves anxiety. It will also help you feel relax and calm which is good for reducing motion sickness.

8. Do not think too much about the journey and start your anxiety and nervousness about motion sickness.

9. Vitamin B complex is found to be helpful in reducing motion sickness. Try including it in your daily diet as it will help you cope with this ailment.

10. You can also visit a hypnotherapist just before you take on a journey as such therapies seem helpful in curbing a lot of symptoms of motion sickness. Neuro-linguistic programming and Emotional Freedom Techniques have helped people deal with car sickness.

Avoid watching a movie or film during the trip. Do not use your computer or play games or read books as concentrating on one thing might trigger motion sickness. Try looking out of the window at times without staring, keep changing your focus between objects at a distance and nearby as it will help reduce car sickness.